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Update: Behind Enemy Lines chapter 8

AO3 || FF.Net

“STOP!” He screams. “COME BACK!”

But the helicopters continue on. Jack falls to his knees and stares as they disappear behind a copse of trees. He doesn’t move, even when Jamie comes up behind him and sets a hand on his shoulder.

“I was right here,” Jack murmurs, in shock. Tears roll down his face, but he doesn’t seem to notice them. “They didn’t see me.”

Jamie’s heart breaks.


Just received a review from a guest named Kitten on FFNet asking me to warn people about the violence in Grin.
It’s very important for fic readers to thoroughly read the summaries, because I included warnings for violence and blood in the summary for that fic! Make sure you check for that before you read, esp if you have triggers!

UPDATE: Behind Enemy Lines chapter seven

AO3 || FF.Net

Something hisses on the edge of Jack’s consciousness, but before he can register what the sound means, the world around him slides into sudden white-hot pain, and then silence.

He doesn’t think he’s lost consciousness, but he isn’t entirely sure how he ends up lying face down in the dirt either. Jack tries to look up, to move his arms to support him so that he can stand –because god knows he doesn’t want to be caught or killed, not after making it this far –but he can’t. His limbs refuse to cooperate.

His mind feels hazy, but he distinctly remembers that he’d just been in the bed of a truck…hadn’t he? He tries moving his head and is met with some measure of success –okay, so his neck isn’t broken –only to find the truck lying fifty feet away on its top. The three unnamed men who’d been in the bed with him are obviously dead, trapped under the weight of all that metal and rubber, but Jamie and the girl are nowhere to be found.

news for BEL

Gonna update today. I wasn’t originally but I feel like I haven’t seen a lot of Jackrabbit fics update recently, and I know the tag needs more Jackrabbit in it ^_^

You’re all gonna hate me though because I’ll probably have to take another week off after this because I had the flu and wasn’t able to get any extra writing done.

Also it’s a cliffhanger.

UPDATE: Behind Enemy Lines chapter six

AO3 || FF.Net

“I fell into a mass g –grave, Aster.”

Aster had lost it the moment Jack had uttered those words, voice reedy with pain and hysteria. He’d furiously worked his lip between his teeth for a few seconds, barely able to think through the sudden drop of dread and rage in his stomach. Not even a second later he’d handed the radio off to Tooth and walked stiffly out, barely pausing to tell her to remind Jack of his orders before he left.

He is the kind of pissed off that makes him calm and quiet –dangerous. Jack has fallen into a mass grave. That is an experience that the white haired man will have to live with for the rest of his life. He is going to wake up from dreams filled with decomposing limbs grabbing at his clothing, faces of the dead pleading for closure that Jack can’t give. And it is all because Admiral Lunar had refused to pick Jack up when he’d first gone down. All of this pain and fear is because of Admiral Lunar.

Aster knows he is being selfish, knows he is about to do something incredibly stupid, but he can’t bring himself to stop –every time he tries, he hears Jack’s voice, whispering words of horror into his mind.

UPDATE: Behind Enemy Lines chapter five

AO3 || FF.Net

Jack’s laughter sobers almost instantly as the hair on the back of his neck rises. He’s being watched, he can feel it. He brings the radio to his lips and, very quietly, whispers, “Someone’s coming.” He keeps his finger on the transmission button, terrified that a stray sound can mean the difference between life and death. Very slowly he turns, crawling to peer around the trunk of the trees he’s been leaning up against. At first he can’t see anything, but a flash of light catches his eye and –there, about a hundred yards away stands Black Robes. It only takes Jack’s tired mind a millisecond to realize he is staring down the barrel of a sniper rifle before he is up and moving.

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UPDATE: Behind Enemy Lines chapter four

AO3 || FF.Net

He can feel his training kick in, taking over for his shocked mind, and he begins to slowly creep backwards up the hill, reluctant to turn his back on his enemies. It is an arduous process –twigs and rocks and tree roots litter the ground, so easy to step on or trip over. He is so very glad he’d done so well for himself in stealth training, but one thing bothers him as he carefully sets one foot behind the other –why are the Serbs still there? There is no way Sandy blabbed that there is still someone out there.

Unless –

a twig snaps under his foot

-they saw him eject.

In Me, He Has Drowned

AO3 || FF.Net

Jack has a secret –he’s always wanted to watch Aster fuck him.

They had a floor length mirror in their bedroom, which wasn’t exactly the best, but it was Jack’s only option excluding a camera, and he was not filming himself doing that. He could feel his face flushing just thinking about it. No.

No, the mirror wasn’t the problem, it was remembering to bring it up before things got…intense. He always went in with the intention of asking, but by the time he remembered he was always too far gone to care. And afterward, too embarrassed to bring it up.

But not this time.

Written for Pooka ^_^